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Unit Links
1. The Church Proclaims the Good News

The Catholic Doors Ministry:A TREASURE OF 1,000 CATHOLIC PRAYERS

This site takes the guess work out of trying to find a suitable traditional prayer for classroom prayer services, Lituries of the Word and Liturgies of the Eucharist. Often times, it is difficult to find a prayer that addresses the specific needs of the students we teach and what they may need to pray for at different times in the Liturgical year. This site offers prayers (in English, French and Latin) for students, opening of the school year, year end prayers, teacher prayers, peace prayers etc. As well, homily suggestions are available for those of us who would like to have help in explaining certain difficult to understand passages in the Bible. In addition, the site also offers Liturgical graphics, Christian Songs (with words) and Liturgical calendar information. --Laura Ierullo

2. The Church Believes in the Lord Jesus

3. The Church Celebrates Godís Mighty Deeds

Catholic Online

In Unit 1, there is a section where the students encounter St. Francis Xavier. As a follow up activity the students are encouraged to research other missionary saints. This website is perfect as it has a comprehensive listing of saints. Students have access to information on a multitude of saints on an easy to navigate site that is suited to junior level students. As well, an illustration is provided so that students can put a face to the name of the saint. Best of all, there is link to fun facts that is appealing to children.--Lella Del Mastro

Patron Saints
This website is also a great tool to conduct research on patron saints. This will aid in the history and the fundamentals of the saints. It is user friendly for students to interact and do their own research on a chosen saint.

4. The Church Expects the Coming of the Lord

Introducing Prayers and Customs of Advent and Christmas.

This is an excellent website to reference when planning Advent and Christmas celebrations in the classroom. It explains the meaning and customs behind Advent and Christmas, and provides the background stories to traditions such as gingerbread houses, Christmas trees. It also includes the story of St. Nicholas. The beautiful thing about this website is that it provides prayers and meditations that can be used throughout the season, including prayers for the New Year. It also explains the Feast of the Epiphany in a clear and concise manner. This site is extremely user friendly, and I highly recommend that it be book-marked.

Christmas Celebrations

Although this website is from a link to a grade 6 website, it is very appropriate for Unit 4 in 5th grade as well. This is an excellent site to reference when planning activities and crafts for the celebration of Advent. It provides a number of craft ideas to use which promote community within the classroom. It also provides the lyrics to many of the traditional (and some non-traditional) songs the season. Finally, this website provides scripts to Christmas plays that can be used in the classroom. This is another clear and concise website that is quick and easy to reference, and one that should be book-marked by any classroom teacher for use during the Advent season.

Lord Teach Us How to Pray

This is an excellent site for teachers because it contains a collection of different prayers to use in the classroom or during school liturgies, for all occasions. For example: Thank-you prayers, morning, afternoon prayers, the Apostle’s Creed, the Stations of the Cross, Prayers for special seasons such as Advent or Lent and many more.


5.The Church Welcomes All Nations


Through scripture, students discover God's call and faithfulness in the story of Jonah and exploring God's covenant. Students can also identify Scripture as the communal memory of God's people. This site has scripturewritings in language that students can understand and questions for reflection are also included.

I found that this website was wonderfully organized in it's structure. It is a perfect example of a paraliturgy. It details all of the parts to be spoken for the first four Sunday's before Christmas, as well as on the Epiphany. It is a informative webpage that outlines what readings should be included. It wraps up all of the themes within the Christmas season, beginning with Advent, Christmas and ending with the Epiphany. Since is contains spoken parts, teachers can modify particular areas of the readings so that the students can complete the spoken part of the paraliturgy alone and present their intentions to the class. It safisfies expectation number 1. --Cristina Agazzi

Biblical and Theological Resources for Growing Christians

This web site contained a lot of theological material within it. It details what the Epiphany is and it discusses stories of God's relationship between his people, specifically, his baptism and the story of the Magi. This infomative webpage also contains a lot of background information to help teachers better prepare themselves for any questions that students may have regarding the Epiphany and it's significance in the Catholic Church. It also contains a prayer to recite on the Epiphany and it is a perfect for any paraliturgy. It satisfies expectation number 2.Care needs to be taken to ensure that this Protestant resource also reflects Catholic teaching.--Cristina Agazzi

Canadian Missionaries: An Investigation
Through research and active participation, this unit allows students to explore the growth of Catholicism to nations around the world through missionaries. This CBC website would support a teacher in the teaching of this unit because it investigates Canadian missionaries. It provides a lesson plan for teachers to use, which involves students to prepare a presentation and define the role and work of a missionary. The website offers various radio clips that students can base their presentations on. Each on-line clip discusses the Christian duty of a missionary abroad. The website also offers a printable worksheet for students to take notes and write down important facts and information to share with the class. This web site not only enriches students' knowledge on missionaries but also incorporates various media sources (radio, hand-outs, internet).--Loredana Cocuzzo

Canadian Missionaries

Acquiring knowledge on missionaries though reading etc. is important but active participation in research allows students to fully understand the church's mission in spreading faith to others. This website would support a teacher in the teaching of this unit because it offers the school community or the classrooms involved to participate in God's mission in helping those in need. This website is designed to aid schools and provide activities that schools can do to raise money for various communities in need. Students will learn background information on the community they will fundraise for and have their school name and class picture published. It allows students to be active participants and contribute to the mission of God and sharing their wealth, love and knowledge with other communities.--Loredana Cocuzzo

6. The Church Acts Justly

Kids Can Free the Children

Free The Children is an international network of children helping children at a local, national and international level through representation, leadership and action. It was founded by Craig Kielburger in 1995, when he was 12 years old. The primary goal of the organization is not only to free children from poverty and exploitation, but to also free children and young people from the idea that they are powerless to bring about positive social change and to improve the lives of their peers.

The program is credible by building 375 schools around the world, which is a wonderful feat to achieve. While these goals are quite elaborate, our students can provide assistance I their own small but meaningful way. The program provides school and health kits to needy children. Children in Canada and the United States who wish to support underprivileged peers collect the kits.

There is also the opportunity as a school to partake in the TAKE ACTION TOUR. The presentation is specifically designed to inspire and to motivate youth to discover their personal leadership potential and provide them with tangible ways to become global citizens.

The website also provides news updates that speak about the latest successes or challenges to keep the involved children informed. The real fortunate thing about using this site is that students can really see its relevance, for it was Craig Kielburger, a young Canadian, who founded the organization. In understanding this mammoth achievement our children will believe that that too can make a difference. --Jamie Minns

Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children

The mandate of the Coalition is to ensure a collective voice for Canadian organizations and youth concerned with the rights of children as described in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the World Summit for Children Declaration. The website includes a printable resource guide that brings together some of the most accessible resources on children's rights in Canada. It is a useful introduction to Convention related materials for youth, educators, professionals who work with and on behalf of children, and anyone interested in the well-being of Canada's children. The contents include references for: Children with disabilities; Sexual exploitation children; Child and youth participation; Child’s rights curriculum and related materials
The website also includes a curriculum resource tilted, Children’s Rights and Global Citizenship.
--Jamie Minns

United Nations Human Settlements Program
This website covers the injustices of the world both to humankind and the earth we live on. It is an excellent resource for teachers to use when teaching the unit on justice and care for the earth. The website contains current issues/events occurring worldwide regarding the work of humanitarians and the help that is needed throughout the world. It also includes current publications for teachers to read that will provide students with the most up to date information on the mission of justice and care for the earth. The website includes the United Nations mandate and strategy as well as the issues that are most prevalent in our society. This informationwill subsequently add great value in explaining the importance of the United Nations. This would also be an excellent website for teachers to use as an internet project. Specifically, students could be asked a series of questions for them to answer using this particular website. The website fulfills both the environmental and humanitarian component of the unit.--Nadia Andonoff

Habitat for Humanity International
This website will give you as the teacher first hand information on an organization that is actively seeking out justice for those who are in need. This website is an excellent resource for teachers to use when teaching the unit on justice and care for the earth. Throughout the unit there is information regarding families who have come to Canada without any money. A component of the unit asks students to explore the need for justice by identifying areas of the world that have people who are poor or hungry and asks the students what can be done to help them. As the teacher, reviewing this website before the lessons will provide a great deal of information, most specifically data regarding those who are less fortunate than us and how the country is helping them. This website fulfills more of the humanitarian component of the unit.--Nadia Andonoff

Children’s Needs

This website would be useful for this unit as it relates to real life experiences. It’s an introduction for students to realize and act upon the problems that children face around the World. This website also offers ideas for the Arts subjects: Visual Art, Music and Drama. It also gives suggestions for students to identify agencies which help or aid children around the world.--Heather Webb

7. The Church Reconciles

Sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church
This website was created by Grade 8 students from John Paul II Collegiate and contains pages about each of the seven sacraments. The information provided in these pages will assist students in acquiring an increased understanding of God's reconciliation, and in discovering the connection between baptism and reconciliation. Each page explains the practice of the sacrament, the traditions and symbols associated with each sacrament, and the people who are involved in the celebration. The site is simple and user-friendly.--Diana Capobianco

Leaflets of Peace - The Sacrament of Penance
This website provides an in-depth explanation of the sacrament of Reconciliation. The website discusses scripture and parables to discuss several key issues, including: what a sin is, who can forgive sins and why, and how Reconciliation is a true celebration. The website was compiled by a priest, Fr. Jerome Esper, C.S.C. of Chesterville, Ontario. This website will assists students in becoming more familiar with and appreciative of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and in celebrating God’s reconciling action in the Church through the Holy Spirit. --Diana Capobianco

Catechetical Resources: A Community of Catechists

Description of web site: This web site contains a lesson that teaches grade 5 students about Lent. It includes a letter that you can copy and send home to parents explaining that the students are encouraged to perform a good deed every day during lent, for example reading to someone, helping with the dishes. This ongoing activity promotes reflection and class discussion. This site is also very useful because it has a directory of many free lesson plans, clip art, and worksheets on various Catholic topics such as sacraments, Advent, the live of Jesus etc.

8. The Church Loves

Catholic Forum: Using the Scriptures to Teach in Religious Education. and

his website offers seven different Stories from the Gospels with questions for discussion on teaching students about God’s Word to them. The website offers these lesson ideas as a start-up for the lesson, a prayer or a journal writing activity. The second website is an example the story of “The Prodigal Son” and how it can teach the students about Mercy, Love and Family Ties. --Heather Webb

9. The Church Rejoices
Lent and Easter Season Prayers

This website offers a variety of meditations and prayers for children during Lent and Easter. This website discusses the importance of giving, praying and fasting during the Lenten season. Teachers of all grades can use this site to take their students through various meditations on the passion of Jesus. In addition, this site offers a variety of ways to integrate religion in dramatic arts. Included in the site is a script students can use to present The Way of the Cross.

Meditations and Prayers for Lent and Easter

This site offers the several mediations and prayers for teachers to share with their students. This site gives both primary and junior level teachers ideas of how to integrate religion and visual arts. It includes several Lent and Easter activities, projects, crafts and events for students to complete. Some of the activities include decorating a Jesus tree, a Lenten cross, Palm branches, resurrection eggs and an Easter celebration kit. These works of art can be used as symbols in classroom paraliturgies and celebrations.


Although this website can be beneficial for numerous things I found a number of pages that cater to the grade five classroom. The page begins with a definition of Easter and a brief historical account of how it came to be. It continues to reveal ways in which this holiday is celebrated along with a description of the 40 days of lent and its significance along with the specific days of Holy Week. There are other pages that nicely tie into the grade five curriculum in which the viewer can click on the significance of Easter symbols and customs. The site also allows the user to download and print numerous worksheets and colouring activities. Other items that are available are Easter stories, songs, poems, crafts, clipart and graphics. The user can also shop for books, videos and music related to the topic. This site can be used as a teacher resource tool where the teacher can read up on background information and use available teacher lesson plans or students can also peruse the site in the computer lab.--Patrizia Angelucci-De Paulis


The next site can also be used as a teacher resource or student computer lab lesson. The site gives the user a history of Easter and its pagan roots, including Jewish Passover, the Christian tradition and pagan legacies. The amount of information isn’t too detailed but as teachers we don’t have much time to spend reading up on background information. This can also apply to students whose short attention span begins to expire after a paragraph of reading. Therefore the length of information on each is just right. It continues to reveal some Easter activities that focus on important events surrounding and including Easter ie. Passover, Holy Week, feasting and fasting etc. It then offers additional information on Shrove Tuesday, decorating Easter eggs, origins and evolution of Christianity and the history and celebration of Easter.--Patrizia Angelucci-De Paulis

10. We Are Born of the Spirit