Spirituality Links

Afterhours Inspirational Stories
This web site has many different feel good stories. Topics include; love, compassion,
work, friendship, success and life. This web site reminds me of the 'chicken soup'
phenomena. This would be good for students to explore and it also provides them with
the option to write and share their own inspirational stories. This web site can be used
with both elementary and secondary aged students. --B.P
These ispiration stories are divided by theme. They are excellent heart-felt, warm and fuzzy stories. These can be an excellent way to start a class. We are encouraged to start all of our classes with a prayer, I often begin with a meditation or soul touching story. My main source for stories has been "Chicken Soup for the Soul", this site provides additional stories. New stories are constantly being added to this site!!--IP
American Catholic Saint of the Day
This site provides information on the Saints of each day. I feel that students would it very interesting to learn about someone new everyday. I think this is a great resource for teachers.--Angela Kisel
Angels: The Magnificent Servants of God
A great site for those intrigued by angels! This site discusses how God used angels in Scripture to play as messengers. It talks of Guardian Angels, angels in the early Church and fallen angels. Good site for teachers in that it gives both teachers and students a realization to how important angels were in the Bible, not just cute, pudgy, little things! -- Luana Sultana
Art as a source of Christian Meditation
Awaken to Prayer
This website is a great resource for further information on knowing How to pray? , and knowing What Prayer is? There are references made to the Catechism of the Church throughout the website, and common questions that are asked about prayer. There are a wide variety of subcategories that can also be found such as: Traditional teachings on Virtue, Prayers for Peace, Death and Heaven, The Stations of the Cross, Meditations, Scripture Prayer, and various others. There are several ideas presented here that pertain to Catholic prayer and the many forms in which it can be found. –M. DeVuono
Beliefnet - Prayer of the Day
This website offers a daily prayer, and access to many different prayers.  With a variety of sections available, viewers may choose prayers by religion (great for when teaching about World Religions), by milestons/moments in life, by needs, or from a general category. The site also has links to other resources and religious articles. --Bernadette Stamegna
Catholic Beliefs And Prayers
This site features articles on our faith, from basic beliefs, to sacraments, to Mysteries of the Rosary. Some articles would provide good discussion starters in class. -- Shannon Lougheed
Catholic Prayers
This is an excellent website for various types of prayers and book recommendations. The prayers included involve prayers for celebrations, hardships, and various life situations. Through this website one also has the opportunity to submit prayers that one has written, as well as, prayer requests. --Maria Pellegrino
This is a great website for the Catholic elementary and secondary teacher. The site offers various prayers appropriate for the different liturgical seasons throughout the year. It also includes prayers for all celebrations, for any losses and suffering in life, for hardships, love, death, forgiveness, and the list goes on. It offers numerous site searches and provides useful links such as Catholic pictures which could be incorporated into lesson plans or into the classroom. Many of the prayers on this website can be used during various times throughout the year to celebrate life. Teachers can share with their students the beauty and power of prayer. This is also an excellent website that provides book recommendations to the Catholic educator which would be useful in creating lesson plans not just in religious education, but it can also be incorporated throughout the Curriculum. -- S. Rumeo
The Chapel: Daily Meditation
Contemplative Outreach
Daily Manna From the Net
The home page of this site suggests that time in your busy day should be set aside to explore the daily Scripture meditations that it offers. In this way, it will bring hope and encouragement to you. It is sent out seven days a week, and is provided by the International Bible Society. As a Catholic educator, I would use it to start out each class. For example, the following reference was used: "If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing." ( 1 Corinthians 13.3). This would certainly save time in searching for a reflection on a daily basis. -- Susan Arena
Daily Prayer
This site contains daily prayers and daily scripture readings. I feel that this website could be quite useful for teachers. It is important to start the day with a prayer. This site allows one to vary the prayers from day to day. --Angela Kisel
Does God Have A Sense of Humour?
Get Fed
This site provides poems and short articles on all sorts of topics from Angels to Understanding. It is easily accessible, and the wide range of topics could be used to integrate Language with other areas of the curriculum. As well, teachers might find many poems that they would like to have posted in their classrooms, or use for faith celebrations in class or with staff. Its main feature is poetry, though it does have some short articles- -The Parables for Modern Academia being a good one that students could relate to. -- Debbie Mayos
How to pray the rosary
What can be found: The website contains direction for how to pray the rosary. It also gives an explanation of what each bead represents, and what to do for each bead. This website would be very useful to someone who is teaching young students how to pray the rosary. It will give them some background, and will help with many "why" questions that may arise.--Michael Oyston
Inspirational Sayings, Reflections and Prayers
This website is excellent! It is a wonderful resource to have. It is filled with inspirational sayings, prayers, proverbs, blessings, stories and more. It is organized by topic and by seasonal festivals. There is so much material here from which to choose. This sight is necessary for teachers, students and parents. Any time you need some motivation in your life, go to this website! -- Elisa Sturm
Inspirational Stories
Lord, Teach Us How to Pray
This website is an informative webpage which offers prays for everyday and introduces new prayers for diverse celebrations. Its sub topics expose the history of prayer, its significance, its tool to help celebrate, as well as to mourn, and finally, prayer as a means of spiritual development and growth. The website is quite useful because it offers diverse prayers which cater to the needs of each student. In times of happiness, in times of sadness and in times of reflection. Also, new prayers are introduced and are a fun way to enhance religious and spiritual development in the classroom.
The Mary Page
If you or your students have ever had questions about Mother Mary, this site is for you. It offers insight to frequently asked questions about Mary. It is a site set up my Marian scholars. You can submit your own questions and someone will answer it for you. Some questions and answers include: What do we know about Mary's life? Which are the Marian feast days? Why does Mary always wear light blue? What do Catholics believe about the virginity of Mary? Why do there seem to be so many Marian apparitions? Why do Catholics pray to Mary? This page is maintained by the Marian Library/International Marian Research institute, Dayton, Ohio. -- Leo Tucci
Here you can ask any questions about Mary. If you click on YOUR QUESTION you can go to the various areas dealt with Mary and there, ask any qt. of your choice. Anyone wanting more information on Mary or just wanting to get better associated with our lady can go to this site and gain vast knowledge and wisdom on the Marian Movement, Dogmas, Visions etc. -- Anna Gomes
Meditation with Art: Art as a source of Christian Meditation
This website is an excellent collection of art work for Christian meditation. The beautiful paintings are a useful tool for engaging students in contemplative prayer. The beauty of the images infuse our senses to reflect on the creative imagination of artists like Michelangelo and Rembrandt and experience the history of Christian religion. This site is
worth visiting for Christian Religious Artwork. -- Lina Raposo
Monastery of Christ in the Desert

Nine Major Approved Apparitions

This site summarizes the nine Church approved apparitions of Mary. A brief summary of each apparition is given on the opening page (Perfect for use as a summary handout.) When selected, more specific information is given on each apparition (Excellent for the student that is more interested in particulars.)
Teen students have great interests in miracles. As Catholic teachers we should guide students in making informed decisions about the authenticity of miracles. Part of guidance is information. Thousands of Mary miracle sites exist. Students will benefit knowing that not all miracle sites are authentic. Some possible activities: create a power point presentation on the nine approved apparitions of Mary; select one apparition of Mary and summarize it; show students this site after or before viewing a video on religious miracles.

Online Rosary
This is a web site that offers an abundance of information on: "How to Pray the Rosary? Why pray the rosary? The virgin Mary and Catholic Prayer" It is an excellent site to answer questions associated with the Rosary. It is also useful for the month of May and any teaching with the Rosary. -- Lucy Civichino
Our Catholic Faith
This is an informative website that is updated daily with a them and a reading from the Bible and with a personal story of faith. It has many links with sub-headings such as The Church, The Faith, The Teachings, Sacraments, Our Lady,Reference information, Special interest articles, Instrumental Music, Reference Info, Songs and Chants and Helpful Links.--Sandra Corrao
Popular Catholic Prayers
Though this sight is actually a catalogue, it does have all the prayers printed out, how to pray the rosary and fact sheets on various Catholic traditions. -- Shannon Lougheed
Pray the News
This is an excellent site for teachers and catechists. This site includes a list of daily meditations and prayers organized by topic. Beautiful art work accompanies some of the prayers. Students at any level would appreciate some of these prayers and artwork. -- Elisa Sturm
Prayer- Resources for Catholic Educators
This site has links to web sites which provide prayers that can be used in the classroom or for other school events. The site also includes other prayer resources. The site also gives information on recognizing the importance of prayer and seeking a deep intimacy with the Lord through prayer. This site also contains various church documents relating to prayer as well as other research material. You can also find links to images of prayer, and you can also purchase posters for your classroom that have a prayer theme from this site. Teachers can use the resources for their own information and they may like to purchase the posters for their classrooms. -- Teresa Foti
This site has several prayers and the categories we often look for when we need prayers that are specific to situations in our lives that call upon them as a source of consolation. I think that having the opportunity to introduce more distinctive and uncommon prayers are beneficial to all teachers. I think it is useful to have the children develop their own library of prayers so that they can call upon them when needed. -- E. Fuda
The Rainbow Garden
Retreats On Line
There is a main web page with selections for type of retreat and location. Selection of Christian goes to a page entitled Christian Retreats and Events with a list of places available in five provinces, many states, Ireland, England & Wales. There are links to the individual retreat centre's web pages and all the information that these provide about their facilities and programs. It also has a link to information on speakers & facilitators and an e-mail address. This is a good website to use if you're looking for retreat facilities for spiritual refreshment and faith formation. --Pat Cooney
Ron Rolheiser, Speaker, Columnist, and Author
Ronald Rolheiser is a popular Christian writer. His website contains his current column, as well as archived past columns. He writes about a variety of issues from a Christian perspective.Ronald Rolheiser, a Roman Catholic priest and member of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, is president of the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas. He is a community-builder, lecturer and writer. His books are popular throughout the English-speaking world and his weekly column is carried by more than fifty newspapers worldwide.--David Eamor
The Rosary Confraternity
This site is useful for anyone who would like to learn more about praying the Rosary. Visitors of this site can browse the information by links or by categories. Some information includes: "About the rosary," "How to pray the rosary," as well as a link to a bimonthly newsletter of the Rosary confraternity. It offers graphics that can be printed for use in the classroom. It also plays beautiful religious music, like Ave Maria, as you browse. -- Leo Tucci
This site is very useful and informative for anyone who is interested in learning more about the Rosary and how to pray it. Other features of this site include specific topics about the rosary and you can even subscribe to a bi-monthly newsletter. Graphics on Mary and the rosary are also included which can be printed for your use in your classroom. -- N. Greco
Sacred Space
A site maintained by the Jesuits in Dublin. This site provides you with daily guidance and scripture. It is offered in different languages and you have the opportunity to pray with the Pope. There is a guide for first timers to help you through a session of prayer. There are six stages to go through: The Presence of God, Freedom, Consciousness, The Word, Conversation and Conclusion
These prayers are produced by modern Jesuit writers. This is a different way way of praying alone or with others and it enlightens you with a new selection of prayers. -- D.Brunet
Here SCRIPTURE comes to you! You can pray as you sit before your computer. Start all your computer work with this site. Pray everyday without even being aware that you are doing so--specially if you have difficulty in isolating yourself for prayer. PRAYER FOR TODAY leads you beautifully into a prayerful mood. GREAT for students. Prepares your body, mind and soul to reflect on whatever type of prayer you have chosen. Teachers who teach computers can begin their class by clicking on to this site--praying with the student. This FANTASTIC place helps you to get in touch with GOD and yourself. The "PRAYER GUIDE' on each day guides you on your prayer journey to do 'all things for the greater glory of God'- St. Ignatius of Loyola, Jesuit founder.
These 'Prayer Guides' are BEYOND COMPARISON even for educators and adults as they deal with the SPIRITUAL EXERCISES of St. Ignatius and believe me, they DO lead you on to the 'straight' road all FOR THE GREATER GLORY. It would be EXCELLENT for Lay Ministers and other religious educators in our system--even our Principals and V.Ps who conduct the first general morning prayers to go to this site and recite the APOSTLESHIP PRAYER daily found under 'Prayer with the Pope'. ( If all our schools did it we would be so united spiritually and a lot would and could be achieved through this prayer--like the 'O Canada'.) Also, the 'Reflection' for the month could be taken and reflected upon daily in different ways, relating it to our daily lives, social surroundings and daily events. This site is truly a SACRED SPACE. -- Anna Gomes
Therese Of Lisieux: Mystic Of The Ordinary
A Treasure of 1,646, Prayers
This website contains meaningful prayers listed in alphabetical order. Catholic Doors Ministry states that this website contains the largest Internet collection of Catholic prayers. It has an extensive repertoire of prayers, blessings, chaplets, novenas, litanies, and prayers of the popes. There is also a popular and beautifully written section on “How to Pray”. Using an analogy of a flower, this comprehensive section takes you through the many stages of prayer to help enrich your spiritual life. -- G. Aranha
Soul Searching 
This site is divided into the following categories: Reading Room, Music Room, Art Gallery, Prayer Room, Justice Room, Witness Room, College Room and Discussion Room. The various areas provide different ways for people to explore deep within themselves and examine their Faith. There is a "Recommended Weekly Poem" which provides an opportunity for reflection. The "Prayer Room" also contains other links. This site would be useful to Catholic educators because it provides many articles that can be used for discussion. -- S. Campagna
This is a great website for teachers as it offers additional prayer sites and links.  This is a resourceful tool especially for students in which they can join others like them in on-line prayer, discussion, etc. Teachers may want to share this site with their students and perhaps incorporate it into one of their lessons during the year. Teachers and students will find this to be a valuable site as it offers a means of allowing people to explores issues regarding faith and spirituality, philosophy, music, art, poetry, and social justice. Many of these issues on this site can be issues brought up for discussion within the classroom and all students can relate to these issues in one way or another. -- S. Rumeo
Spirituality for Today
Spirituality for Today is an interactive monthly magazine dedicated to a selection of current themes and questions concerning the Christian faith in this 'postmodern age.' The site readily encourages access to its Past Issues as well as immediate access to its current month's articles A brief synopsis of each month's theme is provided. The theme for July 2000 is 'Simplicity.' The idea here is to encourage us to slow down the "hurried pace at which we live and find quiet moments...." The articles are submitted by a myriad of speakers of many origins, including missionaries, bishops, philosophers, lay people and parish priests. The site also provides a 'Real Audio' of the 'thought of the week.' I could not get it to download on my computer. Perhaps you will have better luck.
The on-site search allows you to look for relevant topics that you might be interested in that have come up as discussion or article items within their publication.
On-line readers can register so that regular e-mail will notify you when the next issue is available. There are many opportunities for comments, opinions, and interaction within the 'magazine'. Articles can also be submitted for publication upon approval of the editorial board. The most interesting aspect of this site is that it allowed me to easily download a poem of reflection from its 'Though of the Month' file entitled 'Life's Lessons'. The site is based in Bridgeport Connecticut, and has received several posted awards from diocesan evaluators. The ease of contact to this site is great for any educational or casual visitors. -- Donna Hackett 
Spirituality for Today (Australian Site)
Spirituality in Education On-Line
This is an electronic enhancement to the Naropa Institute's Spirituality in Education Conference. You can go to Conference Proceeding and it gives dates and titles of conferences, e.g. on June 3, there was a conference on Holistic Education and the Emerging Culture by Ron Miller. The entire test of his speech is printed along with a picture of him, and it is an interesting read. This site will be of interest to teachers and high school students interested in the topic of spirituality, especially in its relation to education. -- T.Ramcharan
An EXCELLENT site both for students and educators to gain information on the spiritual aspect of Education. This site explains clearly, in different ways that education is not just Knowledge but also Wisdom and Character. Gives some amazing insights into Spirituality and development of a person as a 'whole', thereby making the person more 'alive', 'vibrant' and 'aware'. This place is a MUST for all who are doing WORLD-RELIGIONS. -- Anna Gomes
The Story Bin
The Story Web
Traditional Catholic Prayers And Spiritual Resources
This website is a collection of articles and prayers surrounding various facets of the Catholic faith. It would be beneficial to teachers looking for more information to supplement the religion program (i.e.-more detail on the liturgical season) -- Shannon Lougheed
World Wide Web Sources on Prayer 
consists of large collections of prayers e.g., Prayers for Special Seasons, Prayers of Specific situations. It also includes a how-to guide to Pray the Rosary. Classroom teachers will find the section on Prayers for Specific Situations very useful as it offers a selection of prayers for the dead and prayers for young children. - Vilma Noronha
This site offers a large collection of Catholic Prayers for everyday use, holidays, special occasions, and specific situations (ie death and grieving). This site also includes a section on the Rosary and selected writings about prayer. Educators can use this site when selecting various prayers to use in the classroom to instruct their students. -- Lisa Menzella