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Organized according to the unit structure for the U/C World Religions Course Profile.

See also the website that supports Novalis/Nelson's World Religions: A Canadian Catholic Perspective

1. Introduction

Belief Net This is an interactive and informative web page that offers such services as the Catholic Encyclopedia and information on different religions. Discussions on the modern issues regarding Catholics today are a major focus. This site is valuable to Catholic educators because the site recognizes the diversities of Catholics in the Church today. -- Michelle Kim
BBC: Religion and Ethics This site is entitled Religion & Ethics. It gives descriptions of most religions of the world, their places of worship, and Ethic Issues such as Abortion, Euthanasia, War, Marriage, Human Cloning, etc. in each of these religions. It is interesting to hear the views of the different religions.Included on this site as well are quizzes about World Religions, dates and origins of religious festivals all year round and historical civilisations. -- Michaela Kraus
The Golden Rule Ways in which the Golden Rule is found in thirteen World Religions displayed on a poster produced by Scarboro Foreign Missions. Teaching Aids.
Comparative Religions

This site is devoted to bringing to one place on the internet the key books and writings of human spiritual and religious thought. Covering the major world religions of the world, alternative spiritual systems, and ancient mythologies, this is an ever expanding work in the making. This site also has explanations on the different sects of the muslim religion and explanations on almost any religions you can think of. It does an interesting job of comparing and contrasting religions as well. - Fabiana De Menech
History Lesson Plans and Resources
- This site is mainly a history site, but because many historical events happen in Christianity, you can use this site for lesson plans and additional resources, like articles and pictures.
- This site has usefulness, when dealing with the historical aspects of religion. For a spiritual understanding this site is not useful.- Sean Hyponen
Nostra Aetate

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance (OCRT)

 This website will be helpful to those who teach the grade 11 World Religions course. The aim of this site is to foster the establishment of interfaith understanding by emphasizing the common denominators underlying all religions and looking at the diversity of each of them. Within the site there are several sections that one can explore. There is a detailed section on the background information of the various world religions. Also, there is a section titled science and religion, spirituality and morality. In this section one can look at links related to religious motivated wars and 911 terrorism. This site is a good resource that promotes religious tolerance, freedom and understanding. It is extremely useful for teachers who want to bring current events into their classroom. This site gives a lot of background information on situations that the world experiences today (911) and makes the connection with the past. A lot of the problems the world encounters today, is a result of peoples intolerance of other religions hundreds of years ago.-- J. Brennan
Prayers of Peace This website offers prayers of peace compiled from different world religions (Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Judaism). Teachers could use this website to enhance their lessons when teaching about world religions or when praying for peace around the world.
Philtar is designed as a Subject Gateway to electronic sources and resources for teaching and learning in the academic areas of Philosophy, Theology and Religion.
The Religious Movements Homepage @ The University of Virginia  
This is a great site which provides links to the English translations to the Scriptural writings and documents of the world's religions. This is a fabulous and easy resource for students and teachers. In many cases there are several documents listed under each religion, which provides the reader with a wider selection of material. This is an excellent site to obtain scripture for any religion course, but in particular the new Grade 11 and old Grade 12 World Religions course. As well, this would be a fabulous resource to use for the opportunity to incorporate technology in a religion class, a chance for many to read the words of various faiths that would not be easily obtained for a classroom setting. -Danielle Madden
Religious Tolerance

Their motto is that the study of the world's religions will lead to an understanding of religious diversity. Understanding of religion will lead to inter-religious dialogue. Dialogue will lead to peace among religions. Peace among religions will lead to peace among the nations. This site is maintained by the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. Their site is an amazing resource that has many different religious views on topics ranging from inter-faith marriages to female genetal mutilation. Great for Intermediate and Senior grades! - Fabiana De Menech

Sacred Texts Archive 
World Prayers
This web site offers prayers of celebrations, adorations, and meditations and in vocations. It includes prayers from different religions as well as for different cultures eg. African, Celtic, Christian, Confucianism and Native. It also allows the participant to suggest a prayer. This web site is useful for Catholic educators in expanding the experience of prayers for students through inclusion and respect. -- Michelle Kim
World Religions Index

This link provides a wealth of information regarding the history of the Catholic Church. This is a useful tool to educators wishing to find details regarding the history of the Church.--Dora Turi

This website provides teachers with an understanding of other world faiths and religious philosophies. This is a well organized site that includes personal pages which have stories from people who have experienced a variety of religions, and articles page that discusses the major world regions and their various views on God, salvation and the afterlife and a data page that give statistics on the various religions. This resource would be of interest to those who are involved in the teaching of world religions. --J. Brennan

1b) Aboriginal Spiritualities

Multi-cultural Lesson Plans and Resources

The site lists various units for teachers dealing withmulticulturalism. What I found wonderful about this site is that units for all grade levels were listed and were specific. The theme units on Aboriginals gave very general ideas yet it clearly laid out many books, internet sources, videos, software, craft supplies etc. that could be used
throughout. The site also listed various pre reading and discussion questions to go along with the outlined activities. At the end of the list of themes presented were links to Native American sites and an index of Resources. What a fantastic website for all.--Betty-Ann Cocomile


Religious Action Centre of Reform Judaism This site is good for students who are taking the World Religion course. For part of the course has to deal with the different forms of Judaism and how each group sees themselves and how they see other Jews. What this site does and show the issues reform Jews deal with and how they cope in the world. This site shows the social aspect of their culture and what they do to encourage other Jews to participate in their faith.
Internet Judaic History Sourcebook Produced by Professor Paul Halsall at Fordham University. Detailed links to Jewish history.
Jewish-Christian Relations  This site is devoted to fostering mutual respect and understanding between Christians and Jews around the world. Here you will find articles, reviews, reports, official statements, and study resources on Jewish-Christian relations, as well as links to many related organizations.-From the website.


Internet Islamic History Sourcebook Produced by Professor Paul Halsall at Fordham University. Detailed links into Moslem history
Islam and Violence

Religious Tolerance: Islam: Is it a Religion of peace or violence?


Does Islam Promote Violence? : An Interview with John Esposito

BBC: Jihad and Holy War

University of Georgia Links: Jihad, War, Terrorism, and Peace in Islam

Islam 101: Peace in Islam

Islam for Children Although this website states that its content was written for children between the ages of seven and eleven it provide simplistic yet understandable explanations to the history of Islam and the prophet Mohammed that even high school students can appreciate. Click on the link “Introduction to Islam” and you will get a succinct explanation on how and where the religion began. It also contains a map of the world with the shaded area around the Middle East and Northern Africa depicting the origins and scope of Islam. Click on the link “Muhammad” to get an overview of who this person was and how he influenced Islam. The link “Quran” summarizes the Muslim holy book and its contents. The link titled “Artifacts” explains and shows great pictures of various Islamic artifacts including the Musalla, the Compass, The Tigiyha, The Scroll, The Quran Stand, EID cards and The Miswek. The link titled “Five Pillars of Wisdom” explains the five duties that one must live by if one is a Muslim. The link titled “Islam Festivals” describes the two main Muslim festivals “Festival of Eid ul-Fitr” and “Eil ul-Adha”. The link “Islamic Art” explain that Muslims do not draw human figures or animals because they have been taught to worship only God. Their art work is made up of flowers and richly patterned shapes based on geometrical design. The links titled “Family Life” and “Daily Life” explains such things as arranged marriages, death, views on the role of the Muslim family and clothing. The link titled “Islam Words” provides an extensive list and definitions of common Muslim words such as Allah, Ramadam and Halal. Overall, this website acts as a good introductory resource for students to the story of Islam and can easily be used and/or integrated as the introduction of this unit to students.--Anthony Sinisi
Islamic Studies An excellent overview and links site. Compiled by Dr. Dr. Goldas at the University of Georgia. This website offers a complete view of Islamic beliefs and ideology. From the different groups of Islam, maps of the Islamic countries. See the different religious art and music. Also you get to see the the role of women and the issues that they face in the Islamic world. This site is good for teachers and students. For resources teachers can look up the Qur'an, or the thoughts of the prophets. Students can also learn more about what the Islamic people really feel about the Western world. -- Sean Hyponen
Ramadan Mini-unit on Ramadan for Grades 5 to 7.
Saudi Embassy mini-site on Islam This Religion of Islam website is dedicated to help people understand the Islamic religion. It offers an introduction to Islam, which explores the following: Allah (God); faith; prophets and messengers; rights dedicated by nature and determined by Islamic Law; the right way to be followed; women; knowledge; civilization; law; tolerance; human rights and morality. Teachers can use this information to help students better comprehend the religion and possibly make comparisons and connections to other religions. This site further outlines what the religion of Islam is, forms and times of prayer, sacred worship places, and the five Pillars of Islam. This site is useful for teachers because it is informative. It allows teachers to incorporate technology when teaching religion because it includes audio and video resources which can help students in the understanding of the Islamic religion.--Angela Sambolec
Resources for and about Muslim Women This website focuses on Muslim moral principles and the impact of religious belief on family life and gender roles today. Misinformation and misconception about Muslim women proliferates in the world today among non-Muslims and Muslims. This website helps you to understand the true stance Islam takes on gender issues and the role of women. On the homepage you will find the following links and information. Click on the link titled “Women in Islam, Status and Articles” and discover numerous articles ranging from topics on The status of Women in Islam, Islam and Feminism, Islamic Women and Society, Islamic Women and Leadership Roles, Economics and the Law and Important Muslim Women Around the World. This link also contains a list of Books and Critiques about Islamic Women. Click on the link “Quran and Women” to learn more about Islamic women in a Quranic society. The link “Muslim Women, Marriage & Family Life” includes information on Marriage in Islam and Islamic Family Life. In particular, it addresses thorny topics like marriages between Muslims and non-Muslims, family planning and wife abuse. The link titled “The Islamic Veil or Hijab” answers the question “Why do Islamic women where the Hijab? The link titled “Muslim Women in History and Contemporary Times” includes biographic information on famous Muslim women. Overall, this website is easy to navigate and provides a wealth of information that can help you to understand the true stance Islam takes on gender issues and the role of women.--Anthony Sinisi

4. Christian History

From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians  
The History of the Catholic Church in Latin America and Liberation Theology  
.Simulation of the Trial of Martin Luther  

5. Eastern Religions

Internet Indian History Sourcebook Produced by Professor Paul Halsall at Fordham University. Detailed links re: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Indian history.
East Asian History Sourcebook Produced by Professor Paul Halsall at Fordham University. Detailed links re: Confucian, taoist, Shinto, Buddhist and other aspects of East Asian history.

5a) Hinduism

Divine Posse small collection of deity pictures.
Global Hindu Electronic Network:The Hindu Universe  
Includes the full text of several books and articles on Mahatma Gandhi, nonviolence, and simple living.
HINDUISM: The World’s Third Largest Religion

This is a useful internet research site for information on Hinduism, the world’s third largest religion after Christianity and Islam that has evolved since 1500 BCE, with nearly 800 million followers today, predominantly from India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Hinduism is generally regarded as the world's oldest organized religion. Statistics Canada estimates that there are about 158,000 Hindus in Canada.
This site provides interesting information and history that can be used for lesson planning on world religions. What is even more interesting is the Christ-Krishna (both second persons of the Christian-Hindu trinity) linkage and similarities that will surely peak the interest of any scholar. The contents include introduction to Hinduism and Early History, and questions on whether and if there a Christ-Krishna linkage. It also lists the similarities between Krishna and Christ and queries whether details from Jesus’ life were copied from legends about Krishna. This site also features the origins of how and why Christian-Hindu conflicts began in India. --Cecilia DeMello

RELIGION AND ETHICS – Hindusim This BBC site enriches people’s lives with great programs and services that inform, educate and entertain. Its vision is to be ‘a trusted organization, free of commercial interest and political bias.’ As stated on the site: “Trust is the foundation of the BBC: we are independent, impartial and honest.”
Morality is the foundation stone of character building. What is right and wrong calls for decision-making that goes beyond simple choices. Teachers would find this site useful as it provides useful ethical discourse on genetic engineering and designer babies; and euthanasia. It also provides interactive multi-faith quizzes and resources like the multi-faith calendars, message boards, civilizations timelines and e-cards for all faiths. Some other contents include Hinduism and its customs, beliefs, worship and holy days. Also, award-winning writer Alan Spence considers the meaning of meditation and its practice from a Hindu perspective. Furthermore, Anita Sethi explores India's multi-faceted religious identity and writes about how she felt after visiting sacred Hindu places and exploring India’s rivers of beliefs.--Cecilia DeMello


b) Buddhism See Also Buddhist Catholic Dialogue

Buddha Net This site has many different teachings and alternate lifestyles that conforms to Buddha's ideology of peace. It also shows peoples commitment to the Buddhist lifestyle and how to contact others in this religion. This non profit website is good for students to get a better handle on what Buddhism is all about and techniques about mediation. Great site -- Sean Hyponen
Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library  
Dharma net  
Fundamental Buddhism This website explains the ideology of Buddhism and what Buddha was telling people who where following him what inner peace was all about. This website is great because it has different links to help students and teachers understand the fundamental of Buddhism and the ideas around it. -- Sean Hyponen
Shaolin Gung Fu Institute  
Soka Gakkai International  
Tricycle magazine .

c) Sikhism

The Sikhism Home Page  
Largest Sikhism Resource

This website is a useful website for both teachers and students. It would be a great resource for both to visit. It is also a great addition to the grade 11 World Relgions course because this particular website provides information about Sikhism and a number of related links with useful quotations, articles and both audio and visual resources for the classroom. It also works to clarify the teachings of the Great Gurus in respect to what they practiced, how they practiced it and how they educate others about their releigion. This website would be a wonderful addition because it not only educates us on the fundamentals of Sikhism but it also provides contemporary issues which arise within the Sikh community.--Diana Santapaga

World Sikh Organization This webpage provides the viewer with a detailed summary of the Sikh religion, its philosophies and practices. It provides a detailed outlook on new issues that are arising in the news that are relevant to those members of the faith, and provides explinations for these views for those none members. It also provides the reader with an outline on different facts about Sikhism and also provides a cultural view on the music and the art. A teacher could use this site as a means of cross curicular introduction in art and music, while also being used to help students who may be taking the world religions course. --Andrea Spence

d) Jainism

This website is an authentic and reliable resource for individuals interested in investigating the Jainist faith. The site is easily navigable, and provides a thorough compendium of Jainist philosophies, links and history. There is also a section titled Jain Education material that provides workshop ideas and lesson plans. An interesting and educational website that contains a wealth of information one may have about this ancient faith.--Kevin Mertens

6. Modern Religious Movements

World Council of Churches This site includes thousand of churches in the world, you have access to all sorts if religions...and languages. I also found in the links, the WWC NEWS, a publication published 4 times in the year
I just loved printing the PRESS Releases on subjects such as the ways churches respond to HIV, Trade in small Arms, UN Commission on Human Rights, Globalisation and religious freedom !!! WoW!!! Interesting ! -- Sylvie Gagnon

This website provides information about the Bahai faith. It works to educate it's viewers on how even though it may be one of the "youngest independent world religions, there are over 6 million followers spread in over 235 countries and territories." It also provides information regarding who is Bahá'u'lláh and what the primary teachings are of the Bahá'í Faith. It also provides a number of related links to resources and to other Bahá'í homepages on the internet. It is a site in which every educator of World Religions should visit! --Diana Santapaga